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Moving Tips from the Experts at Out of State Move

Plan ahead for your arrival.

Know exactly where each of your items are going to be placed, especially furniture, before you move them. Changing your mind after you get there will just give you extra work.

Make a checklist for what you have to do prior to moving before you start. (change of address, setting up phones, turning on electricity/gas,etc)

Get Professional Help

Leave the difficult to move items to professionals. Why over exert yourself with the possibility that you might not be able to finish the task or damage your items.

Only trust reputable moving professionals. Saving a few dollars to have your neighbors kids move your belongings might cost you a lot more in the long run. Have it done right the first time.

Packing on your own

Use garment bags. You can move a entire closet with a few garment bags and not have to worry about wrinkles or unwanted spots. Folding them in a box or taking them loose can be a big hastle.

Boxes are your friend. Try and put as many things in boxes as possible. This will make loading, unloading, and transportation much easier.

Wrap all breakable items in non colored paper or wrapping. Newspaper and other print may bleed on to your belongings.

Make a list of the contents of each box that you pack and attach them to the box. This will save you vast amounts of time in the long run.

Secure your boxes with strong tape. The last thing you want to happen is a box breaking during a move.

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